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All the lates news on our blog


CBD coffee, it’s more than just coffee

CBD COFFE, IT’S MORE THAN JUST COFFEE We are a nation of coffee drinkers, coffee lovers. It’s in our culture, in our DNA, if we can say it. Coffee is not only a tool for awakening brain cells, but also a key link that connects us collectively. However, it is no secret that coffee (especially […]

Menstrual cramps and cannabis: can we eliminate them completely naturally?

MENSTRUAL CRAMPS AND CANNABIS: CAN WE ELIMINATE THEM COMPLETELY NATURALLY? Menstrual cramps and cannabis – Cannabis is an important medicinal plant for women use, and it’s definitely not a new concept. Even since CBD (cannabidiol), the most important cannabis compound, was only isolated from the plant in the 1940s. for centuries before that, women have […]

Epilepsy and CBD or how people help themselfs

EPILEPS AND CBD OR HOW PEOPLE HELP EACH OTHER A number of studies are underway with regard to the use of cannabis in epilepsy. Maybe even the most numerous. The effective use of cannabis in various forms of epilepsy dates back to ancient times. It is mentioned by various pharmacopoeias of the old world as […]

Strengthening the immune system – why is it important?

STRENGTHENING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM – WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Acute respiratory infections (cold and flu) occur throughout the year. During the winter months, the number of acute respiratory infections is expected to increase due to the deterioration of environmental factors such as: air temperature, sunlight. The worst and most common are infections in January or […]

5 facts on why CBD increases work productivity

TOP 5 FAQS FOR CBD AND DEPRESSION Our habits have changed. For more than a year, many of you have moved your office to your bedroom or kitchen. Disturbing factors and loneliness have increased. For many, the new situation poses a major challenge. We explored how CBD can help you, when the topic is work productivity, […]

Top 5 FAQs for CBD and Depression

CBD products have blown up on the natural and holistic health markets. It used to come predominantly in the form of oils and tinctures, but now you can find them in gummies, lotions, pastes, vapes, and more.

The best CBD products for sleep and anxiety

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become an incredibly popular natural and holistic way to overcome a variety of ailments. From pain management to appetite to eliminating insomnia and anxiety, people…

Combating spring tiredness with natural remedies

Early spring is the time when many people face a common problem that’s very hard to get rid off: spring fatigue. Weather changes and huge temperature differences affect not only our well-being but…

Does Detox work? Is it possible to cleanse your body just in a few days?

Nowadays when we are talking about a healthy lifestyle and diets, it’s hard to miss the word “detox.” The idea behind the word is that the body needs to get rid of the toxins and cleanse itself periodically. But…

CBD resin effects use and dosage

CBD resin – Industrial, Indian or medicinal cannabis comes from the same plant called Latin Cannabis Sativa L. In everyday life. The term cannabis refers to industrial cannabis. The term…